Trade Reporting

Trade Reporting Software

Report Your Trade Activity

Traders and managers always have access to all trade activity. Accounts are always available online via Our reporting software lets traders and managers easily track all activity in a trading account. Users will have access to:

  • Total shares traded
  • Unrealized profit & loss
  • Realized profit & loss
  • Gross and Net profit & loss
  • Total commission
  • Equity percent change for the day
  • A real-time risk monitor for each authorized account
  • Ability to view each authorized account, and see the detail in each account
  • Ability to create customized risk monitors for all authorized accounts

Client Center Tour

By navigating the slideshow below, or by launching the fullscreen presentation, you’ll be able to get acquainted with the following pages and reports you’ll have access to when you sign in via ‘Online Account Access’:

  • Account Summary
  • Account Balances
  • Buying Power
  • Cash History
  • Customer Information
  • Margin Call Summary
  • Account Positions
  • Trade Activity
  • Account Statements
  • Profit & Loss


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