FAQs – Miscellaneous

FAQs – Miscellaneous

Where can I find my trading account/portfolio reports?

Trading reports are found through the secure Lightspeed site (go to www.lightspeed.com and click on Log In From the upper right corner. Once you are logged in, from the left hand navigation bar, click on My Account, then go to Trading Reports, Account View. this will take you to our firm site which offers a battery of trading reports so you can keep track of your account.

How can I view my cash balance?

Our trading platforms provide daily buying power figures. In order to determine how much cash you have in your trading account log into the secure Lightspeed Secure client area and refer to either the Equity or the Account Summary Report.

I want to learn all I can about my trading platform. Where can I find additional resources?

Lightspeed is dedicated to your trading success. We offer a variety of educational classes, webinars and tutorials which can be found through the Tools and Education section of our website: http://www.lightspeed.com/education/

Of course, you can always call our Relationship Management team at 1-888-577-3123 for any assistance you may need and to discover how you can best get started with Lightspeed. We are here from 7am – 8pm ET every day the market is open.

Why did I get a call on my account? Why did the trading platform let me place the trade?

The platform is designed to allow for day-trading. As a rule you should always know where you stand as far as your intraday buying power. If the platform does allow you to place a trade and you incur a call, you are responsible for that call. Normally the platform will disallow such a trade that surpasses your allotted buying power.


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