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Lightspeed is committed to providing active traders with relevant industry information and education to help them be as successful as possible. We routinely offer live webinars covering a variety of topics, including options trading, day trading classes and strategies, technical analysis, ETF trading, trading for a living, and swing trading. We also host webinars covering both basic and advanced topics related to the Lightspeed Trader trading platform . Check back regularly to see what new webinars have been scheduled.

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04:30 PM ET

Intro to the Sterling Trader Pro Platform for Professional Traders

Lightspeed customers can learn more about the Sterling Trader Pro Platform....

04:30 PM ET

Integrating Social Media Analytics into Your Trading Strategy with Lightspeed

Lightspeed users can learn about Social Market Analytics integrations in Lightspeed Trader platform....

04:30 PM ET

A 101 Guide to Equities Trading on the Lightspeed Trader Platform

Lightspeed traders can learn about the basic features and functions of equities trading on Lightspeed Trader....

04:30 PM ET

Economic Mid-Year Recap of 2021 with Mark Schug

Lightspeed customers can learn about key economic factors in 2021 and what the economy might look like for the rest of the year to come....


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The Top 4 Things to Look for in a Breakout Stock

Lightspeed users can learn about professional trading strategies on Lightspeed Trader platform with Sean Dekmar of Dekmar Trades.

Features and Functions of the Lightspeed Trader Platform: Virtual Happy Hour Q&A

Lightspeed customers can learn more about Lightspeed Trader in this live Happy Hour Q&A webinar.

Everything You Need to Know About the Eze EMS (formally RealTick) Trading Platform

Lightspeed customers can learn more about the Eze EMS trading platform.

Cheers! A Virtual Holiday Happy Hour Q&A with Lightspeed

If you have questions about the Lightspeed Trader platform, or just want to learn more, then this is the webinar for you.

Tips for Professional Traders Getting Ready to File 2020 Tax Returns

If you’re a professional trader looking for information to help you file your 2020 tax return, this is the webinar to attend.

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